EASTER 2020 will not be one that is quickly forgotten.

In the midst of the Covid-10 pandemic we wanted to worship together on Easter morning but at  the same time keep safe and follow government guidelines.  So welcome; DRIVE-IN CHURCH!  Other than a few masked volunteers, we kept everyone in their cars.  And what a time we had!  The week before, heavy rain were predicted for 60-90% of the time, but we enjoyed pure sunshine and a lite breeze.  As you drove into the parking lot Sunday morning everyone was instructed to tune into the service on their car radios.  The parking lot crew directed everyone to spots coming in and going on. 

Then it was time to worship a RISEN KING!  The parking lot filled with worship from our worship team.  How great it was to remember what Christ did for us as we shared communion together.  As we dove into the message from Pastor Scott, I think he was having a good time.  He instructed everyone to honk their car horns instead of shouting “amen”; and they did!  We were reminded in the message why the resurrection was important; “This Changes Everything”.  We were also reminded what the resurrection impacts; PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

Before the service was over prophetic words were spoken over the crowd and words of healing took place.  With those who were receiving healing hitting their horns. 

On the way out of the parking lot, every car was given and envelope with an assignment to fulfill in the next couple of days.  We continue receiving updates from people on that assignment.

We want to so thank all those who worked in putting this Easter service together, our worship team, parking lot crew, Rocket Resource Group for our sound, the Alveys and all the volunteers who served to make this Resurrection Sunday a memorable time.   Can we say it again?  HE IS RISEN…HE IS RISEN INDEED!