“Night of Hope” Dinner Event

Saturday, January 16th, 6-8 pm

Our mission focus this month is on Bangladesh and GFM (Gospel for Muslims) Ministries co-founded by one of our own. Amie Hatton graduated LCCS and became Dr. Amie Sarker. Over 350,000 unreached people have come to know Christ since their holistic work began 12 yrs ago... providing health care, education, a fish farm, and microloans empowering families to escape poverty with dignity, also equipping the church in the US for outreach to our Muslim neighbors and friends.


Please join us here at LCC for "Night of Hope" Sat. Jan. 16, 6-8PM for bar-b-q dinner and the opportunity to partner in this great work.  Registration is free but we need you to sign up in the lobby or contact the church or Ruth Hatton, whitestone1@sprintmail.com, 817-319-8790.


"Find out where God is at work and join Him.”


Bless you all!