Brent Lyon

Brent Lyon was born in Fort Worth and grew up in Hurst, TX. He was raised in a non-Christian home, where only nominal references to God were occasionally made. At 19 he moved to College Station and began his relationship with Texas A&M where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. During that time Brent worked and co-opped with Halliburton as he was 90% self-funded. Less than three months before graduation he met a young lady named Jane North... they were married a year later. He went back to A&M later that year and earned a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Several years later he fulfilled all the requirements to become a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Upon receiving his graduate degree, he accepted a position with what is now the Lockheed Martin plant in west Fort Worth in 1985. He and Jane have lived in Saginaw since moving to the Fort Worth area, raised four children, and now have three grandchildren.

Brent’s spiritual life began around 8:30pm in a living room in Carrollton, Texas, on April 19, 1980 where he found himself standing in front of a man who was the Postmaster of a small town west of Fort Worth. It was a college & career fellowship group and the man in front of him, Don, had the gift of prophecy! Little is remembered of the conversation, but he did say that “you will know this night that you will never be the same.” What an understatement!

In 1993 Brent & Jane joined Lake Country Baptist Church, a church they had watched for years from afar as the Lord’s presence had been poured out there in the 1980s. They have served in a variety of ministries at what is now Lake Country Church. Brent has been the leader of the deacons and in 2014 he was asked to join the Board of Elders of Lake Country Church. In 2018 he was elected as the president of the Board of Elders and continues to serve in that capacity.

Additionally, Brent was elected to the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School Board in the 1990’s serving two terms, two years of that time as Board President. He is currently the chairman of the Texas A&M Industrial and Systems Engineering department’s Advisory Council and a member of the Dean of the Engineering College’s Council. In 2019, he received the Outstanding Former Student Award from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department. He also serves as a senior examiner for the Shingo Institute for Operational Excellence, which is administered out of the Business School at Utah State University. He was recently asked to serve as one of five members (in the world) on the Shingo Examiner
Committee, which oversees many policy and operational issues related to operational excellence in corporations and organizations worldwide.