Vance Purtell

Vance Purtell

Vance Purtell Grew up in Deep East Texas. When he was a freshman in high school his Dad entered his first pastorate. Vance spent summers in church camp and was active in local church activities.

He met and married Thettie Wright and they moved first to Longview then to the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. He worked at General Motors assembly facility in Arlington from 1964 till 1984.

They began attending Shady Grove Church in 1976 and attended there until 2000 sitting under the teaching of Pastor Olen Griffing.

In 1971 he began his flying career flying part time and working at GM. In 1984 he left his job at GM and began flying full time. He later accepted a position of pilot/mechanic flying for Dave Roever Evangelistic Association in 1987. This was one of the most difficult positions he ever filled but also one of the most rewarding of all his career. It was a blessing to see the results of the effort that was expended to keep the organization moving and reap the results of salvations on such a regular basis.This job was centered at Meacham airport and required a relocation nearer to where he worked so they moved to Ft Worth from Arlington.

In 1998 Dave sold the last aircraft that we had and it appeared that there were no further plans to obtain another aircraft so Vance accepted a position with Thompson Petroleum based in Dallas and flying from Love Field. It soon became apparent that the commute to Dallas did not allow time in the evenings to attend church in Grand Prairie at Shady Grove Church. So they relocated church attendance to Lake Country Church in 2000. He was active in all church activities and was set in as an elder in 2003 where he has served since.

He is the father of two grown children, six grand-children and one great-grandson.